The 50mm lens

The one lens that should be on  the top of your photography equipment list to buy has to be the 50mm lens. They are awesome… so versatile, lightweight, and available for pretty much any DSLR camera body. Back to the basics.. if you want the subject to appear closer, you have to walk closer to it, if you want more in the shot, you walk away from it… Its not rocket science, but it’s probably the single most used lens I have. I prefer the f1.8 I just feel its sharper and the additional cost of the f1.4 just isn’t worth it. 

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The past year has been particularly challenging for the earth, humans, and myself. As we look towards our new normal I feel excited that I am picking up the camera again after a six year hiatus. From a very different different background of photography, Architectural Photography developed as an interest when I was living in Australia, and ever since I had dreamed of a future of commissioned architectural photography here in New Zealand, Australia, and around the world. 

Technology has changed quite a bit over the past six years… From Format who provides the technology and hosting for this site, to the latest mirrorless 35mm and medium format camera technologies.  Mirrorless technology is really maturing, and as historically my preferred camera brands have been Nikon and Fujifilm I am looking forward to working with their mirrorless bodies and amazing lenses.  

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