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With so much happening in our world, it is stressful, for many scary, and we need to have times we find our calm, we need to find our happy.

The practice of mindfulness unveils and reveals your essential Good Heart, because it dissolves and removes the unkindness or the harm in you. Only when you have removed the harm in yourself do you become truly useful to others. Through the practice, by slowly removing the unkindness and harm from yourself, you allow your true Good Heart, the fundamental goodness and kindness that are your real nature, to shine out and become the warm climate in which your true being flowers.

Gradually, as you remain open and mindful, and use a technique to focus your mind more and more, your negativity will slowly be defused; you begin to feel well in your own skin. From this comes release and a profound ease. I think of this practice as the most effective form of therapy and self-healing, the greatest path to happiness. 

Kindness, gratitude, happiness, its all in you...

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Mindful of the impact Covid-19 is having on our world, I am available for bookings internationally via Zoom, WhatsApp, email, or telephone. 

Please contact me using details below for individual packages and support programmes. 

You can call me on NZ +64273332939, and can connect via Social Media and email on my Contact page.

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